100% Records

  1. We Are Scientists
    Classic Love

    Keith and Chris get animated and run over a certain presidential candidate

  2. We Are Scientists
    Too Late

    Bringing the bees back to life!

  3. We Are Scientists

    We Are Scientists launch the lead single from new album Helter Seltzer with a one-way food fight

  4. Kafka Tamura
    No Hope

    The debut single from Kafka Tamura

  5. Kafka Tamura

    The haunting and magical video for Lullabies – taken from the debut album Nothing To Everyone

  6. Kafka Tamura

    Taken from the debut album Nothing To Everyone

  7. We Are Scientists
    Dumb Luck

    Video outlining the dangers of making smoothies, using a treadmill & playing basketball.

    WARNING: Do not watch before eating dinner

  8. We Are Scientists
    Return The Favor

  9. OMD

    Video for Dresden, the second single from English Electric

  10. OMD

    The first single, Metroland, from English Electric

    Animation by Garan Rushton
    Directed by David O’Byrne

  11. OMD
    Atomic Ranch

    Video for Atomic Ranch taken from English Electric.

    Animation by Henning M. Lederer


  12. OMD

    Decimal, the first preview of the new album English Electric.

    Animation by Henning M. Lederer

  13. Skunk Anansie
    I Believed In You

    ‘I Believed In You’ Is the first single from their 5th studio album ‘Black Traffic’. The video utilises CGI technology to enhance a live performance by inverting the colour of the band.

    Directed by Thomas Hicks
    Produced by Tom Mackay

  14. Skunk Anansie
    I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero

    Taken from their Black Traffic album, ‘I Hope You Get To Meet your Hero’ is the 2nd single and features a new video concept featuring brilliant explosions of colour.

    Directed by Sing J Lee
    Produced by Loran Dunn

  15. Zebra and Snake
    Money in Heaven

    Zebra and Snake release “Money in Heaven” on 7th May. The video tells the story of a hero girl becoming intruiged by the revelations given to her by a Prophet.

    Directed by Lilah Vandenburgh
    Produced by Will Teddy

  16. Izabo
    I Like It

    Izabo release “I Like It”, the first single proper from their album “Life Is On My Side” on May 7th. The video was cleverly edited down from 5 hours of footage.

    Director: Adam Bizanski
    Director of photography: Moshe Mishali
    Producer: Lihu Roter

  17. Zebra and Snake
    Sweetest Treasure

    For Zebra and Snake’s debut release, Sing J Lee tells a story of scary balloon monsters being defeated by Nordic children. The track, Sweetest Treasure, is taken from the debut EP of the same name, released February 27th.

    Directed by Sing J Lee
    Produced by Racked Fims

  18. Zebra And Snake
    Burden (Teaser)

    A little taster of what’s to come from the finish duo

    Directed by Sing J. Lee

  19. Monarchy
    You Don’t Want To Dance With Me (Feat. Britt Love)

    Directed by Ramy Dance
    DOP Annick Wolfers
    Produced By Tom Mackay

    A song about love ignored. Monarchy and Britt Love take a sexy spin through space.

  20. Izabo
    Summer Shade

    Directed by Shushu E. Spanier
    Art Direction by Shirley Eva Bahar

    For Izabo’s alt popping ‘Summer Shade’, Shushu E Spanier translates the lazy feel with this surreal summery stroll complete with singing ice cones, emotionless kids and a scary ice-cream man

  21. OMD
    History of Modern (part I)

    Production and concept – Bo Nordin
    Director and editor – Björn Skallström
    Camera and post production – Danilo Giannini

    This video was the winner of a competition we ran with genero.tv. The director described it as a story made of useless odds and ends retrieved accidentally from the basement of our lives.

  22. Monarchy
    Love Get Out Of My Way

    Directed by Price James

    An epic slice of future pop, shiny and dynamic,‘Love Get Out Of My Way’ is bold, forward thinking and features dancing robots!

  23. OMD
    Sister Marie Says

    Directed by Lilah Vandenburgh

    Lilah Vandenburgh directs a modern twist on the story of ‘Sister Marie Says’

  24. Matisyahu
    One Day

    Directed by P.R Brown

    Shot in Matisyahu’s hometown of New York City and directed by P.R. Brown (Prince, Jack White & Alicia Keys) this video is the perfect supplement to one of the most exhilarating and uplifting songs of 2010

    Matis says of the video’s concept: “The idea was to create this kind of organic, underground vibe about how music and message gets spread, which is kind of how it happened for me when I was just starting out”

  25. Monarchy
    The Phoenix Alive

    Produced by Dandelion & Burdock

    Take a journey into outer space in Monarchy’s debut single taken from their album ‘Around The Sun’


  26. OMD
    If You Want It

    Directed by Lilah Vandeburgh

    OMD return to our screens in their video debut for over 14 years

  27. Matisyahu
    Road to Light

    Matisyahu takes us on a journey to the making of his album ‘Light’

  28. Killa Kela

    Directed and Produced by GBD and Andrea Colomb

    Killa Kela gets everyone moving to his infectious sound in London’s Soho

  29. Kila Kela
    Built Like An Amplifier

    Directed by Steve Glashier

    Killa Kela turns up the volume at this karaoke party for the first single taken from his album ‘Amplified’