100% Records


Following on from Back Yard Recordings with releases including Gossip and Chromeo, along with achievements in artist management and knowledge in royalty and financial accounting, Toby Harris launched 100% records.

Ensuring an efficient business structure and a dedicated and personal team working to strive for success; we lead the way in providing beneficial terms for artists. Based in London, both the record label and the marketing and distribution arm concentrate on the UK market, with an international setup also available.

Record Deals:

100% offer fresh, unique and bespoke deals. With transparent accounting all the way we are a label with nothing to hide.

Showing the exact release budgets including artist royalties per unit we prove how a well run business structure can maximise profit for both the artist and the label.

We appreciate that known artists offer a lower risk release, and are therefore deserving of better terms.

Whats on offer?

  • High marketing spend per unit
  • Open and transparent budgeting
  • Passionate and dedicated product management
  • All bespoke deals consisting of advantageous terms for artists

Marketing and Distribution:

When an artist wants to use their own finance to receive complete royalty income but need a company to do the backbone work behind the release – efficient and effective product management, marketing and distribution is needed.

Whats on offer?

  • Passionate and highly organised product management: UK and International experience
  • Experienced marketing manager, and bespoke promo teams to support “your” release
  • Always seeking to money save: from manufacturing to marketing costs
  • Distribution coordination needed for a successful commercial release
  • All licensing, mcps, ppl and vpl management services

We provide this service for an extremely competitive fee, all bespoke deals for each individual release.